I'm having problems with skunks, raccoons, opossums, armadillos, etc. What can I do?

If wildlife is frequenting your property, then you need to identify what is attracting them. Pet food left out during the evening hours and open garbage containers are usually the problem. If a trap is needed, contact City of Bridge City Animal Control 409-735-8898.

  • If some type of wildlife is digging up your lawn, it is usually an armadillo or skunk digging for grubs, worms, etc. Treat your yard with a pesticide to kill off their food source.
  • If you have crawl space under your house and/or shed that has open access holes, you are inviting wildlife to move in. Cover all areas of access with solid, sturdy material. If a critter has already set up home under your house or shed, then block all access points except one. Before dark, sprinkle flour around the front of the access hole and check periodically throughout the evening until you see tracks leading out. Cover the hole after you are sure that no wildlife will be trapped under your house and/or shed.
  • If you have taken all the above steps and still have a critter problem, then trapping may be the only solution. In this case, contact the Animal Control Officer, if you need a trap or before setting your own trap.

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