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    Streets & Drainage

    The City is responsible for maintaining the public streets. Each year, the City has an annual Street Maintenance Program to restore several streets within the city. For the remainder of the streets, maintenance crews will patch and repair the smaller areas on an as-need basis. If you know of a problem, please contact the Bridge City, City Hall at 409-735-6801 or by emailing Public Works Director Gerald Robinson

    Entergy Gulf States Inc. (EGSI) maintains streetlights in the City of Bridge City. If a light is not working, call 409-735-6801 or report it by emailing Public Works Director Gerald Robinson  New streetlights can be installed if a potential safety hazard exists. A written request must be submitted to the City Public Works Director and should identify the nature of the safety hazard.

    A study will be performed and if installation of the streetlight is justified it will be done by EGSI.

    The list below shows some locations with potential safety hazards:

    1. Street Intersections

    2. Street Curves

    3. Streets with deep drainage ditches (4 feet or deeper) along the sides

    4. End of Dead End Streets

    5. Streets where the distance between Street Lights is more than 600 feet

    The City maintains street name signs. If one is missing at any public street intersection, please contact Bridge City, City Hall at 409-735-6801 or by emailing Public Works Director Gerald Robinson  Speed limit control signs, in an intersection, requires council action after the completion of a study. In accordance with state law, speed limits are based on safe speeds for traveling public. Traffic signs are installed in accordance with nationally recognized standards.

    Typically, signs such as "Children at Play", have been found to be a false security. We have found that children tend to play out in the street more when the signs are around and are not as careful to traffic traveling on that street.


    The City of Bridge City is in a very flat terrain. Removing storm water is a challenging effort. The Orange County Drainage District operates and maintains the major storm water systems that removes storm water from the City. The City of Bridge City is responsible for collecting the storm water from the streets and properties in providing ditches and pipes to carry the water to the Orange County Drainage District ditches. If you have a problem on one of the ditches in the City, please contact the Bridge City, City Hall at 409-735-6801 or by  Many areas within the City of Bridge City are subject to flooding in a major storm. emailing Public Works Director Gerald Robinson

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