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In order to take action with an employee, complaints must be in writing. If you wish to complain informally on a very minor infraction, you may verbally complain to the supervisor on duty, the Major, or the Chief. These will be treated as training aids and no record is usually maintained of them.

In order to file a formal complaint against an employee, fill out all of the complaint forms (available at the Police Department). If the statement form is not adequate, use other paper to continue your statement, or request more forms.

Please be sure that you name any witnesses to the alleged conduct in your statement. After you have completed the form, you can return it to the envelope, seal it, write “citizen complaint” on the outside of the envelope and turn it in to the police department. We will know what it is because “citizen complaint” is written on the envelope.

Before signing your statement, you should go to a notary public or a police officer to witness your signature. This is not absolutely mandatory, but is strongly desired. At some point, your complaint will have to be sworn. A notary or a police officer witnessing the signature is the same as swearing to the complaint.

After you have filled out all of the forms and statements, return the complaint to the police department. If you wish to turn the complaint into a supervisor, request the telecommunicator (dispatcher) send for one in the field. If you wish to turn the complaint in during regular working hours, you may. If you desire to turn the compliant in only to one person, call ahead and make an appointment to see that person (Chief, eg.).

Your complaint will be assigned an investigator, to be completely investigated including speaking to the witnesses you name, and interviewing anyone in the department who may have witnessed the alleged conduct.

You should know before you file the complaint that this department’s marked cars are equipped with video/audio capability. This will be one of the first sources the investigator will look to. You should also know that a false complaint about an employee is a false police report and you may be prosecuted by the county attorney should your complaint be found false.

If you have what you believe is a true and serious (you decide what is serious) complaint, complete the forms and turn them in. You will be notified by the Chief of Police when the investigation is complete and rather your complaint is sustained or found inadequate to move forward with disciplinary action. We are not allowed by law and City Policy to release what personnel action was taken.

You may obtain a complaint form by calling the Police Department at 409-735-5028 or picking one up from the telecommunicator at 2290 Texas Avenue, Bridge City, TX 77611.