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Purpose of the Public Works Division

The Public Works Division is responsible for maintaining the City's infrastructure, including parks and buildings. They provide customer service assistance to citizens for water, sewer, streets & drainage issues.

If you are a new homeowner and resident to Bridge City, and need to have water and sewer service, call Utility Billing at 409-735-6801 and they will get the information you need. If you are a new resident, but existing facility, call Utility Billing at 409-735-6801.

Public Works Division General Information

General inquiries or complaints concerning the Public Works may be called in to the following:

During normal business hours - 409-735-6801

Email to the Public Works Director

After hours, for emergencies only, the Bridge City Police Department (409-735-5028) will page the On-Call person.

Inspection requests can be called in to the Inspections Department at 409-735-6801 or by e-mail (link), during normal business hours.The Public Works Division is a source of valuable information and offers many services to contractors and residents including:

  • Water and Sewer Availability
  • Plumbers Information
  • Utility Line Locates
  • High grass and weeds.

Property owners are responsible for maintaining their ditches. The large ditches are maintained by City of Bridge City, Sabine River Authority or Orange County Drainage District. If you need some assistance with the large ditches, call the City at 409-735-6801 or e-mail the Public Works Director.

All property owners are required to maintain their own properties. The property owner will have to keep the grass maintained to a height of 18 inches or less to the edge of the street pavement.