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To apply for water, sewer and garbage service within the City of Bridge City, you will need to come by our office located at 260 Rachal St., Bridge City, Texas.

Information required for the brief application include:

  • Drivers license for you and your spouse, if married.

  • Social security numbers for you and your spouse, if married.

  • Place of employment: name of company, address, and phone number.

  • Signature of person applying for service.

  • Deposit: $100.00. A partial payment of $50 can be made at the time of application and the remaining $50 will be billed on your 1st monthly utility bill. The City does require a $100 deposit for every meter. Deposits are held until service is terminated, the deposit is then applied to the final billing.

Water, waste water (sewer), garbage and street maintenance rates are established by City Ordinances. These rates vary by customer type (residential, commercial, in-city, outside of city). Both water and wastewater charges have a minimum charge. Customers with no water consumption during the month will be billed the minimum charges. Please see our rate chart for billing amounts. All customers on city services are required to have garbage pick-up.

Water meters are read monthly and the sewer is based on the water consumption. Bills are mailed by the 4th of each month and are due by the 18th of the same month. Please call the billing office if you have not received your bill by the 9th of each month. Payments are due whether you receive a bill or not. If payment is not received by the 18th, the bill will be considered delinquent and a $10 late fee will be added. Should payment not be received by the 28th of the subsequent month your service will be disconnected and an additional fee shall be added.  The total balance must be collected before service is restored.

The convenient way to pay your utility bill is to sign up for Bank Drafting. There is no cost to you and you will ensure that your bill is paid in a timely manner. Your payment will be automatically drafted from your bank account on the 13th of each month so you also save on postage or eliminate a trip to City Hall. You still receive your monthly bill so that you can still monitor your consumption and record your payment. Come by City Hall to complete an application and attach a voided check to get started. * It is important to remember that inadequate funds in your account will be handled like a returned check. Both your bank and the City will assess the appropriate service charges.*

We now offer online bill payments - go to www.bridgecitytex.com and look for the online payment link on the home page to pay your utility bill.  There is a minimal convenience fee for this service.  The first time you use this service, you will need to register and add your account number to your profile.  After that it wil be a snap to pay your utility bill.

There is a drive-thru depository box available for your convenience. Please make sure you have your account number included with all payments or correspondence.

Utility customers are allowed four (4) extensions (two weeks each) on utility bills per calendar year. Please come by the Utility Billing office to sign for the extension.